News timeline

3-2-1 GO! 🥳


On January 5th 2021, the project contract was signed by all parties and thus entered into force. We are very happy! We are looking forward to the fact that the project proposal for the reconstruction of a farm building in the Markušovce historical complex, which began to take shape in 2015, has finally fallen on fertile ground and we can work on its implementation. It is a great honor, responsibility and commitment for us to do the best work. The list of tasks is growing! What do we start with?

Training marathon begins 📙


The EEA Grants Department from the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic has prepared a series of trainings for us, which will make it easier for us to orientate ourselves in the rules of project management, reporting and compliance with all necessary requirements. We diligently absorb new information. We appreciate the well-prepared and submitted online training, the helpfulness of the staff from the EEA Grants Department, as well as the rich guides for grant recipients, in which we will find the answer to perhaps every question. It's nice to see and get to know other recipients of this funding. Slovakia will revive its cultural life once again!

First Meeting with the Icelandic partner 🇮🇸


One of the things from this project that brings us a lot of joy is the cooperation with the Icelandic company Gagarin. Gagarin is an experience design studio with rich experience with interactive exhibitions worldwide. We are honored that people from Gagarin will bring one of their technologies here. It will be an application of augmented reality. This month, we launched an online kick-off meeting between the Spiš Museum and Gagarin. We have to admit we were a bit nervous, but it all disappeared after seeing the cheerful faces of our Icelandic colleagues. We exchanged information about the scope of the project and ways Gagarin could implement their technologies. We already cannot wait to see the results!

Public procurement preparation 💻


This month we are intensively gathering the documents needed for the initiation of public procurement to reconstruct the farm building. It is a fairly challenging task influenced by a lot of variables. In addition to the completion of the reconstruction of the building and architectural-art solutions, we must also get approval from the Memorial office. Since it is an extensive investment, the Košice self-governing region will also fund it. We are also working with a company specialized for preparing public procurements. We don't want to underestimate anything, so we are going to submit the documents to a voluntary ex ante check performed by the EEA Grants officials.

Final projects from the architects are here 👍


We have received the final design of the updated project for the farm building reconstruction project from Ms. Pichova and architectural-artistic solution from the Masar studio. We will need them to prepare the public procurement. Meanwhile we watch the opening conferences of other projects that together with us successfully applied for a grant. We seek inspiration and prepare our own conference. On this occasion, we shoot a breathtaking video, showing the history of the Spiš Museum. In addition, this month Spiš museum celebrates its 70th anniversary. Happy anniversary!

Skin in the game - The opening conference is starting 📢


Before we organized our own opening conference for the project, we had the chance to see a bunch of conferences organized by other cultural institutions from the same EEA Grants programme. We were quite nervous since the other institutions did such a good job! On the other hand, we knew wi did everything we could to assure a smooth process. We invited hundreds of people from our network to join and see what this project is all about. Since the pandemic still persisted, the conference took place online. We are very thankful for having the EEA Grants officials join as well!

Summer in the Markušovce historical in full swing ☀️


Summer holidays have already started, the weather is great and our employees have prepared a rich program for the upcoming 2 months. We will be organizing outdoor concerts in the beautiful French park as well as the picturesue summer house. We also have prepared different guided tours and other attractions. Have you already visited us?