We are moving large amounts of museum collections 🧳


Since we are about to start the reconstruction of the manor, we needed to clean the entire building where we used to store museum collections. A moving company called TRIV came to our aid. Before that day we needed to carefully package and label each single piece of our collections. Our colleagues from Spišská Nová Ves also helped us. We stored there all kinds of collectibles from the Music History Fund and the Art History Fund. Not all collection items from the Art History Fund have been relocated to new depositories. We have made many of them available to the public and are on display in the main manor house. A total of 702 collections were moved from the Music History Fund to another depository space as well as into our offices in the Dardanely summer house. Collections that were not in our possession were returned to museums. 2,061 collection items of various artistic nature were moved and packed from the collection of art history.